Wednesday, 9 November 2011

"Kate! Katy! Ralph!"

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?, by Pentangle - embedded from Youtube.

Another chapter - really two chapters, but the first very slight and little more than a vestibule to the second - of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland completed. One of the big ones, containing the Family Fight, to which the now Whole-Book Climax was originally little more than an afterthought.

Secrets laid bare, revenge, self-sacrifice, death, yesteryear's pains variously assuaged and renewed, and a monster diplomatic negotiation to get through... this was not one of the easy ones, nor the short. As for doughty old Kate, the Battle of Carrowglaze was japes to this. The back of her nightmares she has broken in close wrestle, at such a cost as one might pay; and the villain in all the Dales who has longest needed killing goes unburied and unmourned, with only snack-happy ravens to appreciate him.

But her confrontation with her own son was never going to go much smoother than Lady Persy's introducing Orestes to dahling Clytemnestra at the Hades All-Achaean Centennial Reunion Dinner; and even once the lad had grown his character in the telling of him, there was no way to understand him completely before I'd actually written this rough passage through. He and she both surprised me several times, and showed me how the impossible-seeming attack on the Big Bad would have to go. No more big revelations now. I understand my characters as well as I'm going to, and I know how the last part of the plot must play out.

(Katy, Good Katy, where are you? That I see now, too; but so long I'd thought to meet you here!)

The immediate political aftermath on the other hand is a lot more transparent and optimistic than I'd envisioned, because it turns out that just about everybody for many miles around has some reason for truly wanting to believe that this settlement will work for them in particular. That works out sufficiently interesting, that I I may extend and dramatize the diffusion of it in the redraft. It will make a better standalone section and pace-governor than this duo's vestibule chapter, which I foresee will be absorbed or eliminated in the fast-approaching rewrite.

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